Racism in everyday life

At the beginning of the workshop, Ms. Muriel asked various questions. These included: Where is your birthplace? This was not primarily about the name of the place, but about the location of the place, which was visualized in the form of an imaginary world map with north, south, east and west by placing the participants north, south or, for example, in the middle, depending on where they were born (example: Place of origin is Peru, i.e. south-west, Tunisia is more in the middle of the world map, i.e. one person stood in the middle). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Subsequent questions were all visualized by the participants standing in a line, which made it possible to see significant differences, such as how many years a person has lived away from their place of birth.

Ms. Muriel then explained about racism, historically beginning in the colonial era and ending in the present day. Overall, the workshop gave the participants the opportunity to understand racism in general, how it manifests itself, what forms it takes and what effects it has on people, in order to learn and get to know other (new) perspectives on how to deal with it.

As the topic is very large and sensitive, the time for this workshop was very limited, so another workshop would definitely be valuable. It took a lot of time just to hear the personal experiences that many of the participants reported.

Overall, the response was positive and interested, partly because racism takes many forms that not everyone was familiar with. And finally, one of the aims was for the participants to be able to recognize racism in the first place in order to be able to react to it appropriately, especially in terms of how to respond.

“It was an insightful day with an intensive exchange. I took away a lot of valuable tips,” said one participant. The group’s joint conclusion: if we want to change something, it is important to pool our resources and stand up together against racism.

Participants Workshop Racism in everyday life on March 11, 2023